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Message from the RDC IX Chairperson


Chairperson, RDC IX
Governor, Province of Zamboanga del Sur
"Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It is basically an investment in technology and future capabilities which transform raw materials into new products, processes, and services...

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The RDC IX as the highest policy and planning body in Zamboanga Peninsula directs its effort to the establishment of the RDC IX Research and Innovation Online Resource Center (RRIORC). The Center shall host an online multi-disciplinary knowledge or resource center, that is regionwide in scope. It consists of the various research works and innovation initiatives of the agencies of the government, the academe, as well as the private sector, that support the development outcomes and thrusts specified in the Regional Development Plan.

 As a repository of researches, the online resource center shall also inform various stakeholders, offer opportunity for research partnerships, and aim to stimulate discussions that could serve as input in the formulation of the region’s research and development agenda. A firmed-up agenda is necessary for the formulation of policies that can address development gaps.

Through research and innovation, science has provided a platform for an educated populace, enabled to discover medicine to address the pandemic that besieged the world, and applied technology for attaining the region’s vision to be the Center of Sustainable Agri-fishery Industries in the country. The utilization of all these researches could indeed boost the role of the regional economy in national development.     

 As the Chairperson of RDC IX, may I encourage all concerned line agencies and research institutions to further enrich the content of this online resource center by sharing relevant researches that can be used by the people of Zamboanga Peninsula to improve their quality of life.

 As we all quest for knowledge and growth, may we all imbibe a culture of excellence through research and innovation!"

Message from the RRDICOM IX Chairperson


Chairperson, RRDICOM IX
Regional Director, Department of Science and Technology IX
"The pandemic has disturbed the flow of the life that we know, and has made it even harder to be the best version of ourselves. Nonetheless, the needs of the Region and our responsibilities to its people outweigh the dangers that this “new normal” brings. Hence, we cannot but remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver the gains of our respective offices to its residents...

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As members of the Regional Research, Development, and Innovation Committee, we are called to address the gaps in socio-economic development by ensuring that research projects, innovations, and other S&T-based projects are relevant, responsive and aligned to regional development thrusts.

With this, the RDC IX Research and Innovation Online Resource Center (RRIORC) has been established with the main objective of being an online resource center for the research and innovation works of the agencies and institutions in Region IX that are supportive of the Regional Development Plan, and priorities and to inform and share to the public the research studies conducted in Region IX.

Despite the ever-growing challenges surrounding this undertaking, we are in full support for the successful establishment of the RDC IX Research and Innovation Online Resource Center (RRIORC). This also speaks volumes of our drive in the pursuit of initiatives that will soon evolve into actionable solutions that will improve the quality of life for the Filipino.

May this endeavor be the one of many steps we take in working together for a better and brighter Region IX.
Thank you, and good day."
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