One of the functions of the NEDA Regional Office as defined in Executive Order No. 230, is the provision of technical assistance to agency regional offices and local government units (LGUs). Assistance of NRO 9 shall be given in the areas of development planning, investment programming and project development.


Conduct trainings for the agency/LGU planners
Coordination and supervision in the overall planning activity
Provision of technical assistance team
Provision of available needed data, maps and other technical inputs
Provision of national, regional and district physical and socio-economic planning guidelines
Evaluation of technical outputs
Provision of guidance in the integration of local plans
Act as a resource person in trainings/seminars


Formulation of work program and funding requirement for the project
Assess status or progress report as basis for the approved work program
Conduct of orientation workshop/briefing on the guidelines for the preparation of their respective Priority Sub-sector Areas (PSAs)
Guide/check if the PSAs identified follow the requirements called for in the form
Review/Evaluation of project proposals
Attend/sit upon request with PPDOs/CPDOs for clarification/instruction in the preparation of LGUs PSAs


Coordinate with agencies and conduct orientation on the budgetary thrust and guidelines on the Plan and Priority for the next budget year.
Review of agency/s budget proposal


The implementing mechanism for the technical assistance of NRO involves two structures.The administrative structure which is mainly responsible for overseeing that the assistance can be effected and the technical staff which shall be primarily responsible for providing and coordinating technical services.

The process starts from the requests for technical assistance from regional agency/LGUs which involves two ways. Both requests shall be decided by the NEDA Regional Director.

  1. Requests directly addressed to NEDA Central Office (NCO) through the Director- General; and
  2. Requests directly addressed to the NEDA Regional Office (NRO) through the Regional Director.
    Request coming from the regional agencies/LGUs addressed directly to the NEDA Director-General shall be referred to NEDA Regional Office for appropriate action. All requests/communication shall be received by the receiving clerk at the operation division. The request shall be endorsed to the office of the Regional Director (RD) which in turn shall be referred to the technical division for evaluation/comments/suggestions. The technical division shall evaluate and give the necessary information to the RD for appropriate action.

If technical assistance is specific and involves specific sector/staff and that it can be provided by NRO, the Regional Director shall inform the concerned technical division/staff for the provision of T.A.

In case nature of technical assistance requested is not clearly defined in the request, the technical division/staff shall meet with requesting office for details of T.A. and for further evaluation. The technical division/staff shall inform the RD of the results of meeting evaluation and shall notify the requesting agency/office of the decision. If technical assistance can be provided, the NRO technical division/staff and the requesting office shall meet to define roles/responsibility of each and extent of T.A. that shall be provided by the NRO Staff. The technical division/staff/teams shall provide the necessary technical assistance and shall provide the RD updates on the technical assistance being provided.

If technical assistance requested concerns the involvement of other agency/office, or it needs an inter-agency assistance, or it is an RDC concern, the NRO may act as the lead agency in the implementation of technical assistance and shall coordinate with the agency/office concern of the needed expertise from their office. The NRO shall meet with the other agency to discuss the nature of technical assistance that is requested. Delineation of functions/responsibilities among and between agency/office shall be provided trough the execution of a memorandum of agreement between the parties. An inter-agency technical assistance team shall be created and shall be responsible for the provision of technical expertise needed by the requesting office. An update of T.A. shall be provided to the Regional Director of NRO by the technical assistance team. Likewise, the NRO Regional Director shall be provided with a copy of document of the project by the requesting agency/office after the termination of the assistance.