1. Acts as the principal technical management and executive arm of the Regional Development Council;
  2. Coordinates the formulation, implementation and monitoring of regional socio-economic, physical and special development plans, policies and investment programs;
  3. Appraises and reviews proposed programs and projects in the region requiring RDC action and/or NEDA endorsement;
  4. Monitors and evaluates the implementation of major and critical programs and projects in the region;
  5. Sets and formulates the policy framework for a research agenda on regional and subregional socioeconomic and physical development;
  6. Provides technical services to development partners (private sector, RLAs, NGOs, LGUs, SUCs, POs, etc.) at the regional, subregional and local levels in the areas of planning, investment programming, project development and evaluation, budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation;
  7. Manages and promotes knowledge utilization for regional development and productivity; and
  8. Performs such other tasks as may be assigned by the DG and DDG and ADG of RDO

Source: Executive Order No. 230, s. 1987