NEDA Undersecretary Rosemarie G. Edillon launched the AmbisyonNatin 2040 Regional Summit in Zamboanga Peninsula on November 18, 2016 at Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City.

In her keynote message, Usec. Edillon emphasized that AmBisyonNatin 2040 represents the collective long-term vision and aspirations of the Filipinos for themselves and for country in the next 25 years.  It describes the kind of life that Filipinos want to live, and how the country will be by 2040.  As such, it serves as anchor for development planning across at least four administrations.

AmBisyonNatin 2040 is a picture of the future, a set of goals for life and for the country.  She explained that while it is not a plan which identifies the strategies to achieve the goals, AmBisyonNatin 2040 is like a destination that answers the question where do we want to be?  She said that a plan shows the way to get to the destination while AmBisyonNatin 2040 is the vision that guides the future and is the anchor of the country’s plans.

AmBisyonNatin 2040 is the result of a visioning process that began in 2015 where about 10,000 Filipinos aged 15-50 answered the corresponding national survey.  Technical studies were prepared to identify strategic options for realizing the vision articulated by the citizens.  The exercise benefitted from the guidance of an Advisory Committee composed of government, private sector, academe, and civil society.

AmBisyonNatin 2040 describes the life of all Filipinos in 2040: Matatag, Maginhawa at Panatag na Buhay. In 2040, we will all enjoy a stable and comfortable lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that we have enough for our daily needs and unexpected expenses, that we can plan and prepare for our own and our children’s future.  Our family lives together in a place of our own, and we have the freedom to go where we desire, protected and enabled by a clean, efficient, and fair government.

To realize the AmBisyon, all sectors of society are enjoined to direct their efforts towards creating opportunities for Filipinos to enjoy matatag, maginhawa at panatag na buhay.  Government must use its fiscal, monetary and regulatory policies to steer the development path towards enabling Filipinos to attain their AmBisyon.  This pertains to all dimensions of development covering economic, human and physical capital, institutional, social and cultural.

The launching was also graced by Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Isabelle G. Climaco who warmly welcomed Usec. Edillon and all the participants.  She expressed her gladness over the launching activity and encouraged all sectors of society to participate in the realization of AmBisyonNatin 2040.

The launching was attended by 203 participants from the public, private sector, academe, and civil society.  The participants pledged to support the attainment of the aspirations for self and country as enunciated in AmBisyonNatin2040 by affixing their signature on the Pledge Board.

National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) IX led by Regional Director Teresita Socorro C. Ramos who was represented by Assistant Regional Director Phlorita A. Ridao served as the Secretariat during the AmBisyonNatin 2040 Regional Summit. (Vilma M. Julian, NEDA9)